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"Connect" with PLUS-ONE!

Thanks to all your support, we celebrated our 70th anniversary in 2017.
I would like to express my sincere appreciation to our customers, business partners and business associates for your loyalty.

We have always remained conscious of current needs, made it our fundamental philosophy to create machines which contribute to society
and have made great strides by accumulating creative ideas in all aspects of machine design, starting from mechanical components.

The environment around us changes day by day as personal computers, the internet and smartphones have become a part of daily life
and robots and artificial intelligence are no longer confined to the future.
I strongly believe it is very important to connect People, Things, Skills and Know-hows by making use of these latest technology.

We will continue to focus on quality as our priority and to build machines which strengthen our industry.
We look forward to receiving your continued support in the future as we advance towards our 100-year anniversary,
not only manufacturing purpose-built machinery but also enjoying our “PLUS-ONE” concept, implementing our own creative ideas.

The Itaya Engineering Ltd.
Mr. Kenji Kanazawa