Management philosophy

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To continue to provide innovative machines with quality as our priority.
Our goal is our customers’ success.

Management Policy

  • 01
  • To produce reliable products by putting quality first.
  • 02
  • To repeatedly develop using new technology and to be the leader in our industry.
  • 03
  • Incorporating new information, introducing the latest equipment and promoting technological innovation.
  • 04
  • Providing personal service and products in close cooperation with our customers.
  • 05
  • To contribute to the development of our industry and local communities.
  • 06
  • To provide a rewarding workplace for our company members so that they will take pleasure in their work.
  • 07
  • To structure our organization in such a way that employees have the opportunity for continuous growth.


Customer satisfaction

We will pursue the values which are important to our customers, focusing on development technology and
quality according to the customers’ needs and aim to provide attractive products and services by manufacturing products to be accepted with pleasure and trust by customers in every market in the world.

Employee satisfaction

We will foster a corporate culture in which diverse
human resources can demonstrate their individuality
and skills and work contentedly and we will encourage
each person to create results and achieve self-realization.
At the same time we aim to create a system which
will bring us joy in stepping up our professional
ability and promote the themes of feeling worthwhile
and having fun working in the spring industry.