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PCX-30 Computer Controlled Coiling Machine

The PCX-30 made its debut as lineup of PCX series machines so that corresponding to high demand  range of wire diameter up to 3.00mm.



  • New type of coiling unit for big machine is adopted Simple mechanism makes times of changing coiling direction and changing layout shorter.
  • Servo structure and computer system are optimized to achieve better usability and faster production speed.
  • Upper and lower coiling pins are controlled by 2 sets of servo motor and each of them can be independently controlled (freely).
  • Many tools are compatible with PCX series machine.
  • Since cut slide, arbor, wedge pitch slide are equipped on the center base being controlled by servo moor up and down, it is not necessary to change the position of arbor and cut tool even if the coiling diameter is changed.
  • The PCX-30 is equipped with PCX coiler features such as free length control, diameter control by static capacitor sensor and program generator, etc.
  • The Image sensor (optional) can be equipped on the latest computer.


Machine Specification
Machine Model PCX-30
Forming Capability Wire Diameter 1.5-3.0mm
D/d(Min.) 4
Outside Dia.(Max.) 60mm
Machine Dimensions Height 2000mm
Width 1890mm
Depth 1450mm
Weight 2270kg
Machine Dimensions Height 1600mm
Width 410mm
Depth 410mm
Weight 210kg
Power Requirements 50A
Peripheral Device Control 12ports
External Memory USB
Operating Temp 0-45℃
Servo axes features
Machine Model PCX-30
Feed Min. Increment 0.01mm
Max. Speed 126m/min.
Cut Slide Min. Increment 0.001
Max. Speed 571rpm
Wedge Pitch Slide Min. Increment 0.001
Push Pitch Min. Increment 0.001mm
Diameter Min. Increment 0.001mm
Stroke 60mm
Center Base Min. Increment 0.01mm
Stroke 90mm
Point Horizontal Min. Increment 0.001mm
Stroke 60mm

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