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RX series Computer Controlled Spring Forming Center

The RX - the machine that gave a new concept to spring forming - takes another step forward.
Servo slides and rotary wire feed mechanisms are now optimized for high speed production.



  • The mechanical construction of the Rotary Tool Changer has been optimized on the new RX-20B model, leaving all the luxury given on the RX series the same, but further improving on its high speed production.
  • The RX series is equipped with 2 3D Servo Towers with their Rotary Tool Changers, allowing them to control up to 12 wire forming and spinner tools. Counting also the Rotary Wire Guide, Rotary Wire Feed, Cut Slide and the Auxiliary Slide axes, the RX series machines control a total of 15 independent servo axes. (The RX-60 has 14.)
  • The 3D Servo Towers of the RX series numerically control the position for all wire forming and spinner tools, three dimensionally.
  • The required tools for spring forming are easily selected using the Rotary Tool Changers which are controlled by the program.
  • The Rotary Wire Feed and Rotary Wire Guide mechanisms facilitate complex forming without changing the position of the slide.
  • The high rigidity Spinner Tool, Spinner Tool Holder and Arbor offer a wide variety of possibilities.
  • The Servo Cut Unit ensures that there is no loading on the wire guide. (Servo Cut is standard for RX-60 and available as an option for RX-20B/RX-40B.)
  • The Servo Grip Unit is mounted on the tool changers. It can be operated 3 dimensionally to grip the wire and it expands processing capability. (Servo grip is standard for RX-60 and available as an option for RX-20A/RX-40A.)


Machine Specification
Machine Model RX-20BRX-40BRX-60
Forming Capability Wire Diameter 0.5-2.0mm1.5-4.0mm2.0-6.0mm
Outside Dia.(Max.)
Machine Dimensions Height 1830mm2140mm2210mm
Width 1520mm2110mm2500mm
Depth 1590mm2190mm4200mm
Weight 1650kg4100kg10300kg
Machine Dimensions Height 1600mm1600mm1600mm
Width 410mm410mm540mm
Depth 410mm410mm540mm
Weight 220kg220kg210kg
Power Requirements 30A50A100A
Peripheral Device Control 12ports
External Memory USB
Operating Temp 0-45℃
Servo axes features
Machine Model RX-20BRX-40BRX-60
Feed Min. Increment 0.01mm0.02mm0.02mm
Max. Speed 82m/min.68m/min.64m/min.
Cut Slide Min. Increment 0.01°0.1°
Max. Speed
Auxiliary Slide Min. Increment 0.01°0.1°
Rotary Wire Feed Min. Increment 0.01°0.1°0.1°
Rotary Wire Guide Min. Increment 0.01°0.1°0.1°
Table Horizontal Min. Increment 0.01mm0.01mm0.01mm
Stroke 120mm150mm320mm
Table Vertical Min. Increment 0.01mm0.01mm0.01mm
Stroke 50mm60mm200mm
Table Back and forth Min. Increment 0.01mm0.01mm0.01mm
Stroke 120mm150mm420mm
Spinner Min. Increment 0.00010.00010.0001
Tool Changer Min. Increment 0.00010.00010.0001

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