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CX series Computer Controlled Coiling Machine

CX-6B/CX-8B/CX-15 machines utilize the easy operation of the PC-Series,
the high speed productivity of the PCX-Series and the extreme accuracy of CX-2.
A newly developed 2 point coiling servo unit offers simple operation for coiling fine wire with a combined high precision output.



  • CX-6B / CX-8B: Micro meter is equipped on the point holder and allows for easy adjustment of initial tension and tools.
  • CX-6B / CX-8B: Unifying the computer and machine allows for a small space.
  • CX-8B: Adopts two pairs of Feedroll which controls the deformation of wire by pressure of Feedroll minimum so that coiling for small D/d spring can be processed stably.
  • The standard 6 axes equipped are: Feed Axis, Cut Axis, Wedge Pitch Axis, Push Pitch Axis, Center Base Axis and Coiling Axis.
  • Also standard is the 2 Point Right Hand Coiling Unit.
  • The Cut Slide, Arbor and Wedge Pitch Slide are mounted to the Center Base Axis similar to the PCX-Series. This composition allows for faster diameter changes as no change to the cut position is needed.
  • Optional Accessories: 2 Point Left Hand Coiling Unit, 1 Point 2 Dimensional Unit, 1 Point 3 Dimensional Unit and Arbor Retraction Unit.


Machine Specification
Machine Model CX-6BCX-8BCX-15
Forming Capability Wire Diameter 0.1-0.6mm0.1-0.8mm0.4-1.5mm
D/d(Min.) 444
Outside Dia.(Max.) 15mm15mm40mm
Machine Dimensions Height 1610mm1610mm1690mm
Width 1140mm1170mm1040mm
Depth 870mm870mm710mm
Weight 390kg400kg700kg
Machine Dimensions Height 1600mm
Width 540mm
Depth 540mm
Weight 210kg
Power Requirements 10A10A15A
Peripheral Device Control 12ports
External Memory USB
Operating Temp 0-45℃
Servo axes features
Machine Model CX-6BCX-8BCX-15
Feed Min. Increment 0.01mm0.01mm0.01mm
Max. Speed 228m/min.217m/min.150m/min.
Cut Slide Min. Increment 0.001mm0.001mm0.001mm
Max. Speed 1000rpm1000rpm600rpm
Stroke 15mm15mm25mm
Wedge Pitch Slide Min. Increment 0.0010.0010.001
Push Pitch Min. Increment 0.001mm0.001mm0.001mm
Diameter Min. Increment 0.001mm0.001mm0.001mm
Stroke 15mm15mm38mm
Center Base Min. Increment 0.001mm0.001mm0.001mm
Stroke 20mm20mm66mm
Optional servo axes features
Machine Model CX-6BCX-8BCX-15
Initial tension Control Min. Increment 0.001mm0.001mm0.001mm
Stroke 9mm9mm13mm
Diameter axis Vertical Min. Increment 0.001mm0.001mm0.001mm
Stroke 20mm20mm34mm
Arbor Retraction Min. Increment 0.001mm0.001mm0.001mm
Arbor Retraction Stroke 6mm6mm6mm

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