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MF-10B Computer Controlled Forming Machine

With our decades of NC Spring machine expertise,
We are proudly offering the new NC forming machine with even greater flexibility.



  • MF-10B is NC forming machines and designed with our over 30 years of NC Spring machine expertise. The servo axes will enable complex multi-axis controls.
  • Each Bending Slide and Press Unit is controlled by the individual servo motor and you can easily program its movement by the computer. It will allow you to save lots of time.
  • Bending Slides can be installed at any angles you desire and it will enable complex forming with great flexibility.
  • Making and adjusting cams will no longer be required. The amount and timing of the slide movement are numerically controlled by the computer program.
  • A wide variety of products with both wire and flat wire can be manufactured.


Machine Specification
Machine Model MF-10B
Forming Capability Wire Diameter 0.3-1.0mm
Outside Dia.(Max.)
Machine Dimensions Height 1950mm
Width 2182mm
Depth 1201mm
Weight 2940kg
Machine Dimensions Height 1600mm
Width 490mm
Depth 460mm
Weight 220kg
Power Requirements 50A
Peripheral Device Control 12ports
External Memory USB
Operating Temp 0-45℃
Servo axes features
Machine Model MF-10B
Gripper Feed Min. Increment 0.001mm
Max. Speed 36m/min
Stroke 130mm
Press Unit Min. Increment 0.01mm
Stroke 12mm
Rated Press Capacity 78.5kN(8t)
Forming Slide Min. Increment 0.001mm
Stroke 30mm
Rated Press Capacity 9.8kN(1t)
Rear Slide Min. Increment 0.001mm
Stroke 30mm
Rated Press Capacity 9.8kN(1t)
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